digital artist



A self-taught digital artist based in New York.
(will add more soon!)



So my prices range from *$15-100

→ Head/Bust

→ Chibis
(value increases if it's a group picture)

→ Pet Portrait

→ Full body

→ Couples

→ Fan art / Furry


Anything more can be within the range, depending on
- what you're asking for × if its not in my comfort zone × how much time it takes me to complete, ×how much reference material I have
so it can be more, but right now leaving it at that.

Thank you!



❑ If you'd like a commission, want to ask a question or just talk, I'm active available on both Instagram and Facebook, so feel free to send me a message on either one! My email is also available in the links below.

❑ Please be very detailed with what you're asking me for! I love to feel the vibes, so don't be afraid to hit me with as many references as you want! Ideas, poses, moods, colors, doodles, descriptions, even if there's a song that goes along with it! Give me the bits!

❑ I wont be beholding to any timeframe to the work, but I'll keep you updated on the progress if you so request!

❑ After we've established a payment method, and when I'm done with your commission I'll send it. Typically I finish the artwork and then payment is made, but it's up to you if you'd like to pay before or after.

❑ I ask that you do not erase my signature, and if you do post it on any social media platform you credit me as follows:

@i3stars on instagram@Art of i3stars on facebook
you can even credit my personal facebook,
Melissa Saezrefer back to https://i3stars.carrd.co
Thank you!!



Here are some of my designs

dino :3
unicorn :3
bird :3
eye :3
bee :3
cow :3
giraffe :3



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<3 happy searching <3